Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast

25 Days

From Sea to Shining Sea, this Trek offers incredible contrasts. From small town America to cosmopolitan cities, from swamp lands to magnificent mountain passes, and from vibrant nightlife to peaceful campfires, the Coast to Coast has it all!

Tour Information

Start with an amazing airboat ride that takes you into the midst of Florida 's wild natural beauty. Then two full days to explore the magic of Disneyworld and the many exciting attractions in Orlando . New Orleans , overflowing with Southern charm and all that Jazz, is the undisputed "party capital" of the United States . Its rich Spanish and French Colonial past permeates the historical French Quarter, offering visitors an intriguing and interesting historical and cultural experience.

West to Dallas to see for yourself the John F. Kennedy Memorial, ten gallon hats and one of the most modern cities in the world. Learn closely about Native American culture in the architecturally striking Santa Fe.

Colorado features some of America 's highest and most magnificent peaks and old mining towns that now serve as quaint multi-sport adventure centers. Durango , Telluride and Crested Butte offer fantastic hikes and biking trails that appeal to all skill levels on the included mountain bike tour.We venture into the wild and wonderful formations of Arches National Park. Go biking here for the ultimate 'slickrock' experience.

Then enter the Native American lands of the Navajo in Monument Valley. Amazing sunset vistas await! Take an exhilarating 4-wheel drive tour or lazily float the Colorado River in a raft or canoe.

Return to the National Parks in "Grand" fashion for a close-up view of America 's most outstanding natural attraction, and then visit the less famous but equally inspiring canyons of Zion.

Take in a show, take a limo or just take a chance in Las Vegas . Experience Yosemite National Park , famous for its giant trees, some of the highest waterfalls in the world, and vistas almost beyond belief! Be sure to wear flowers in your hair as you approach San Francisco , where this trek comes to a close.

Booking Information Itinerary
  • Day 1    Orlando
  • Day 2    Orlando
  • Day 3    Orlando
  • Day 4    Florida Gulf Beaches
  • Day 5    Florida Gulf Beaches
  • Day 6    New Orleans (H)
  • Day 7    New Orleans (H)
  • Day 8    Dallas
  • Day 9    Amarillo
  • Day 10  Santa Fe
  • Day 11  Santa Fe
  • Day 12  Colorado Rocky Mtns
  • Day 13  Colorado Rocky Mtns
  • Day 14  Canyonlands
  • Day 15  Arches National Park
  • Day 16  Arches National Park
  • Day 17  Monument Valley
  • Day 18  Grand Canyon Nat'l Park
  • Day 19  Grand Canyon Nat'l Park
  • Day 20  Zion National Park
  • Day 21  Las Vegas (H)
  • Day 22  Sierra Nevadas
  • Day 23  Yosemite National Park
  • Day 24  Yosemite National Park
  • Day 25  San Francisco